Simple Steps to Dry Wet Carpet

Do you have a wet carpet that you need to dry? Whether you have a small carpet area that is wet or a complete wall-to-wall carpet that needs drying, by knowing the right techniques you can dry any kind of wet carpet. For a small area carpet, it is best to remove it from the floor and then work on drying it. On the other hand, to dry a wall-to-wall carpet you need to dry at its place only.

Here is how you can go about drying different types of wet carpets:

How to Dry a Small Wet Area of Carpet

  1. Spread Towels –

    Take a lot of towels and spread them over the wet area of the carpet. Once you spread them, walk up and down the area until they are absolutely saturated. Replace the towel with fresh dry ones in the same area and wait till the carpet is completely dry. Once done, double check the carpet padding and the floor beneath to ensure they are not wet.

  2. Carpet Vacuuming –

    Use a vacuum that is designed to extract water. You should not use a normal vacuum cleaner for this job. By using a professional vacuum cleaner you need to remove water from the carpet. Before the tank hits overflow, remember to empty it.

    Carpet Vacuuming Cleaning

    Carpet Vacuuming Cleaning

  3. Evaporate the Moisture –

    The moment you find out that your carpet is wet, you should start evaporating the moisture. You can use ceiling fans, dehumidifier, household fans, and even hair dryers to do. Again, check underneath the carpet to ensure the carpet padding or the flooring is not wet.

How to Dry a Wall-to-Wall Carpet

  1. Move Furniture –

    The first thing you need to do while drying a wall-to-wall carpet is to remove all of the furniture from the wet carpet. Remove it as soon as possible and then lift up the carpet to see how much the carpet padding and the floor underneath have been affected by water.

  2. Get Rid of Water –

    Second step is to get rid of as much water as possible. For this, you will need equipment. You can rent a vacuum for extracting water as this cannot be done using a home vacuum cleaner. Second option is to rent a hot water extraction machine. You can get one from a local carpet cleaning service provider.

    Local Carpet Cleaning Service

    Local Carpet Cleaning Service

  3. Walk on the Carpet –

    You can check for water in your carpet and underneath by walking across the carpet. If you hear a squelching sound then it indicates water beneath your carpet.

  4. Lift Up the Carpet –

    You need to raise the carpet off the floor by starting from a corner. You can use work gloves and pliers to separate the carpet from the floor and its padding. It is good to blow air between the padding and the carpet. You can even rent a dehumidifier to extract water and evaporate moisture. You can use a fan or hair dryer to quicken the process.

  5. Call for Professionals –

    If you want utmost perfection for drying your wet carpet then it is suggested to hire carpet cleaning professionals to do the job. We at Ace Steam Cleaning Canberra offer guaranteed carpet cleaning solutions at most affordable prices!

    Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

    Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

How to Dry a Car Carpet

Do you have a wet carpet in your car? Start working on a wet car carpet as soon as possible because otherwise it can lead to mould growth. Tackling water quickly will also ensure the safety of the electrical pieces in your car.

  1. Find Out the Leakage –

    First of all, find out where the leak is. You need to locate the problem before you start working on the carpet. Unless you stop the leak, your efforts will go in vain.

  2. Remove Water –

    You can either purchase a vacuum to extract water or get it on a rent. Same is with a dehumidifier. Remove as much as water as you can by using these machines. You might have to leave the dehumidifier in your car until you are sure there is no moisture left. You will have the check the padding of the carpet and ensure it is dry as well. You can start peeling the carpet from the corners with the help of pliers and work gloves.

  3. Remove Carpet –

    If there is too much water and seepage has gone deep into the padding as well then you will have to remove the carpet and hang it somewhere for drying.

  4. Dry Carpet –

    Use towels to dry the carpet that you have removed from the car. You can even use a hairdryer to speed up the process. You will have to keep replacing the towels until it is completely dry.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

  5. Replace Car Carpets –

    If the damage is too much too handle then it is best to replace the carpets of your car. It takes less than 24 hours for mould growth in a wet carpet. And once it grows, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. You can also discuss it with a professional before you do anything.

These are some of the steps you can take to dry your wet carpets at home or that of your car. Otherwise hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the job and get over with it! Call us if you need professional help for drying your wet carpets.