How To Maintain Different Types Of Curtains?

Curtains are very important features installed to decorate and protect our indoors and interiors. They add beauty and luxury to our windows and also protect the dust and pollutants from entering our homes and offices. Curtains can come in many kinds of fabrics and textures and each of them may require a different kind of cleaning method. Curtains are prone to attract a lot of dirt and dust and with time this dust can make your curtains look ugly and dull. Ignoring routine curtain cleaning can result in permanent decolourisation of your curtains. We advise you to clean your curtains daily or hire professional curtain cleaning services to form from time to time. In this blog, we are going to discuss different ways to maintain different kinds of curtain fabrics. Keep reading below.

Curtain Cleaning Service
Curtain Cleaning Service

Maintenance of a Different Kind Of Curtain Fabrics

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains are very prone to dust and dirt accumulation so it is advisable that you wash them regularly. It is important to wash them even before the signs of dust settlement appear as chances are they may start to decolourise before the appearance of dust. Hand wash is the best option to wash the sheer curtains. All you need to do is add some mild detergent to a bucket of water and wash your sheer curtain in it. Make sure you are gentle in washing the curtains and don’t use any hard brush and keep your curtains away from direct sunlight when drying.

Garment Fabric Curtain

Garment fabric curtains can be washed just like your garments in a regular washing machine. Make sure you wash them alone. Just use any simple detergent and wash them. Dry them under a fan and never dry them under direct sunlight and the sunlight can degrade its natural colour. You may iron it after it has been dried. You can also wash them by hand but it can be very hectic and time-consuming.

Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains require dry cleaning and wash as well depending upon the manufacturer. Read the product label before you wash them. If it says dry cleaning you may hire professional curtain cleaning services. For wet washing, you can wash them by hand or by washing. Use any mild detergent to gently wash the don’t use any dryer or direct sunlight to dry them .soak up extra water by any towel or a piece of cotton fabric and put it under a fan.

Dry Clean Only Curtains

Formal curtains that come with dry cleaning options openly require professional assistance. Only a professional curtain cleaning services can be trusted to deliver the best dry cleaning service. You may avail curtain dry cleaning service from time to time to deep clean these types of curtains. Professionals can deep clean the curtains and this can help boost its conditions and extend its life. Professionals will utilise best commercial dry-cleaning agents. Highly specialised products are used for curtain stain removal. No amount of damage is suffered by the curtain while delivering the curtain dry cleaning service.

Hiring The Experts

Professional curtain cleaning services are the best way of getting your expensive or normal curtains to get deeply cleaned without any hassle. Our company can provide you with all kinds of professional curtain cleaning services at low and reasonable costs. We have a highly trained and skilled staff of Professional Curtain Cleaners in Melbourne. Equipped with all the latest tools and equipment we will deliver the best curtain cleaning service for you. Allow us to get your curtains cleaned within a day at affordable costs today.

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