3 DIY ways for Carpet Stain removal

Our home furnishing and interior decor are incomplete without carpets and in return, carpets have to go through a lot of heavy use and chronic withering. Carpets come in a variety of fabrics and textures, porous nature of the carpet makes it prone to regular accumulation of dirt and dust. Food spills, liquid spills or the stains of coffee or tea can lead to damage to the quality and life of carpets. Some stains can result in the formation of mould and can harbour harmful bacteria and germs. Increasing your exposure to many diseases and illnesses. Carpets require routine vacuum cleaning to take care of dust and dirt. And in the case of staining, you can follow this guide for carpet stain removal for any kind of stains be it old or stubborn, coffee or wine.l. We are providing you with 3 DIY ways for carpet stain removal.

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal

DIY for Carpet Stain Removal

1. Normal Water and Detergent

In a sudden case of food spill or stains of ketchup, chocolate or sauce you should first use detergent and water for simple carpet stain removal. Blot the fresh stain with a dry cloth to remove excess of fluids and pour detergent over the stain. Use a wet cloth to rub the stain with detergent. Make sure you do not use an excess of water, this will make the situation worse and can also lead to carpet water damage. If the stain has seeped deep inside the fabrics of carpet you can use a brush instead of cloth and detergent-water solution. Brush the surface of the carpet and bottom as well vigorously. Wash the stained patch with normal water to remove detergent and leave t to dry.

2. Carbonated Water

Simple, mild and effective, carbonated water is an ideal carpet stain removal agent you can use. Soda water is ph neutral and friendly to the fibres of your carpets and also it’s colourless and odourless just like normal water. Simple stains can be taken care of by rubbing the stained patch with a wet cloth rinsed in soda water. You can again rinse the cloth with soda water and rub off the stain again and again. Repeat the process for complete carpet stain removal and dry your carpets as soon as possible.

3. Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Baking soda is another easily available substance that you can use for carpet stain removal. Baking soda can also be mixed with white vinegar into a thick paste and applied on old or stubborn stains. This paste will seep deep enough the carpets and extract stains out from the fibres. After a few minutes, you will see soda and vinegar chunks, these chunks can be removed by rubbing off with a wet cloth. You should follow this DIY in case of hard stains which often result in permanent damage and decolourization of the carpets

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Assistance: Ace Steam Cleaning, Australia

Staining of carpets are not only limited to food spills or liquid spills but carpets can suffer staining from hundreds of things like paint, wax, wine, urine, ketchup, sauces all have different ways for stain removal. Hire Ace steam cleaning services, Australia for routine carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal through the use of latest equipment and tools, Our expert team of professional carpet cleaners use eco-friendly products to restore and rejuvenate your carpets.